Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy days . . .

As our time winds down ever quicker, we seem to be getting busier and busier trying to tie up loose ends that we've accumulated over the past three years. We sent home 5 boxes full of worldly possessions last week (sorry Murray and Ryley;) with more to come this week. Emily sent off our passports today to apply for Mongolian and Indian visas, to arrive the day before our departure (is that too blase?) Our teaching days are down to 13 while our weekends have dwindled to three. One of them, the next one, we will again be taking part in an English Education camp for Middle school students.
This marked the first time the Korean volunteers birdwatched!

This time around, Tabitha and Jeff (both staff members) will be joining Nial, Emily and I as we aim to increase the environmental/ecological education of youth in this country. The last camp was a huge success, and we hope this one, again with 30 students, goes off well too. One thing that will make it much easier is the high level of English that the Korean volunteers have. This past weekend, we had a workshop together with them and had a chance to see the sites we'll be using. We';ll have a mixture of vocab-building activities, games and birdwatching time with the students, who stay overnight at the University we're based at (luckily, we get to head out and stay in a local hotel!) It will be something completely different for these kids! Should be great!

The summer lushness of this country always amazes us, after the long brown of winter

The weekend following, its back to our favourite camp site for our last weekend with our favourite camping couple, Cody and Karen, before they head to Kamloops (yes Sean, you're dream is slowly coming true - everyone's going to Kamloops!) and we head the opposite direction. After that its one more weekend with family and we're off on the 14th, providing our passports return when they're supposed to, with visas they're supposed to have in them! Will post again after this weekend's camp . . .

Emily spotting the Great Egret hiding in the rice paddies - can you spot it?

Take care and keep your emails coming - we're enjoying your updates:)

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